The Bootstrapper's Workshop

Tämä vuosi alkoi viestillä Seth Godinilta, joka on ollut yksi tärkeimmistä inspiroijista matkallani. Kehystin viestin muistuttamaan missiostani.

The Bootstrapper’s Workshop oli minulle käänteentekevä kurssi viime vuonna. Se järjestetään nyt uudestaan, yhdessä The Freelancer’s Workshopin kanssa, jonne ilmoittauduin mukaan. Olen varma, että jatkan kurssin jälkeen taivaltani taas uutena ihmisenä. Sethin Akimbo-työpajat muuttavat, miten katsot maailmaa ja mitä voi odottaa verkkokursseilta. Kannattaa ilmoittautua mukaan - et kadu!

Ajatuksiani The Bootstrapper’s Workshopin jälkeen:

“What a journey this has been! A huge transformation

I started this workshop as someone who has been hiding almost all my life. I learned to stop hiding.

I learned a totally new way of learning. I’ve been brainwashed at school to memorize things for the exams, not really understanding or learning much for the long term. It’s not about reading and memorizing, it’s all about doing the work. And shipping.

This was the first time I didn’t try to copy someone else’s way of doing the lessons, trying to see how things should be done. I did them my way.

This workshop changed the way I see things.

I learned that everything is in me already. I know everything I need to know.

I learned to trust the process.

School has also taught me not to ask questions, not to be curious. Now I want to learn to ask the right questions.

The most important part of this workshop was the community. To see how many like-minded people there are with optimism and willingness to change things, so many with same passions and same interests.

The atmosphere of support has been amazing. And support is really all we need to flourish.

I learned that I need the tension of a deadline. I wouldn’t have worked so hard if there would have been more time left.

I moved from to-do lists to will-do lists. From ”I should” to ”I will”.

I hadn’t heard of Seth until March this year. I first read Linchpin which gave me the courage to quit my job in April - after seven years of thinking about quitting. Tribes showed me the next step to start building my tribe. In August I started blogging daily and that was one of the best decisions this year. This workshop and This Is Marketing showed me I’m ready for my first year as an entrepreneur.

I don’t want to make detailed plans but I’m sure 2019 will be a game changer for me. Year of shipping.”

Seth Godin