”You are unique. That is nothing new, but the implications of this short statement are vast. You are unique and therefore, what works for you, what suits your body (your biology) will be different from what works for other people. Your history (your biography) is also uniquely yours. When you consider both your biology and your biography - the raw materials that made you and the forces that shaped you - it is not surprising to find that your needs differ considerably from everyone else’s. Your eye glasses prescription, your shoe size, the position of your driver’s seat in your car, which hand you use to write or throw, the way your lips curl when you smile, the curve of your spine and the arches of your feet - all these little and grand variations make you uniquely and undeniably you.”

”As you come to understand your uniqueness, things in your life may shift. What diet works best for you, how much rest you need, how much exercise and which type is most beneficial, which medicines and therapeutic interventions will prove beneficial, all these and more will become worthy of assessing. The fact that something worked for a friend or a family member (or a complete stranger) does not mean that it will work for you. It might but you are not them, so maybe it won’t.”

Bernie Clark / Your Body, Your Yoga