I woke up today without my fears.

Maybe the reason was my good night’s sleep or my discussion with my Ego at The Freelancer’s Workshop.

All my fears were gone.

Or maybe yesterday’s dip was just a download of courage before action.

On a day like this I could see everything clearly without the fog of fear.

I began to wonder if all my fears were a great scam.

They feel fake when I'm not afraid.

I can do all the things I haven’t had the courage to do before.

Things that my fear has prevented me from doing.

I can simply do my work.

And doing helps me notice there was actually no real reason to be afraid

I began to wonder if this could be my normal state.

Or will I wake up tomorrow back into my life with fear?

Should I do as much as I can today when I am fearless?

I decided to trust that I’ve found this feeling once. I will find it again.

I agreed on a speaking gig for the fall, wrote my first newsletter and set up an English blog on my website.

The Freelancer’s Workshop has brought new people in my life and I want them to understand my words without Google Translate.

I chose the easiest solution before building a complete English version of my site.

Better done than perfect.